Have you ever experienced a Sound bath? Literally, the title says it all, you bathe in Sound. How does that make your body feel?

"Sound is the medicine of the future." - Edgar Cayce

I believe that Sound is the medicine of NOW.

So come to a Sound bath and let your body mind and spirit luxuriate in the magical healing power of sound.


Karen uses simple human vocal vowel sounds in this guided sound meditation and add to that singing bowls, shakers, tingsha, drums, etc.  The experience is transcendental.

Let go of your worries, leave your cares behind, envision your dreams, while you allow the sound to bathe and free you.


Vocal toning is a self-created vocal


(Think of the ancient sound of OM.) 

It is the joy & potency of using your own sound to shift and change your life.



This group meditation has proven to be a very powerful experience.  NO singing or musical experience is required.




Sound Bath Toning.jpg

Sounding the miraculous!

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