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A Playground of Sound

This SOS (Symphony of Sound) workshop, facilitated by Karen Jones, is designed to alleviate the world's cry out for change, well being and healing.


One of the greatest gifts to facilitate these needs, that ALL people have been given, is Sound.  Whether through self created sound or tuning forks or music, etc., all can be utilized to generate and create greater joy and happier living! 


This SOS workshop includes:

  • Introduction to Sound Healing with Tuning Forks and Tibetan Singing Bowls

  • Energy exercises - Reconnective Healing

  • Self Created Sound Meditation

  • Introduction to Biofield Tuning

  • Self created Sound Energy Body Processes 

  • Access Consciousness Verbal Processing

  • Laughter Meditation 

  • Healing Music

This seminar will restore balance and harmony to the mind and body. It will help you awaken and deepen your sense of self, and align you to the deepest vibrations of YOU as you move toward the source of your own inner balance, creativity, well-being and freedom.

SOUND: Welcome
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