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Activated Spaces Healing

What is ASHWork?
ASHWork is a series of energetic protocols
that are great to release stuck patterns
in people and animals.  Created by Rudy Hunter,
ASHWork is a form of laser-focused prayer
that gets at the energetic underpinnings of an issue
and gently shifts the pattern, and in turn,
creates often rapid change. 

In each ASH round, the practitioner asks the client
to focus on a specific area (for example: the right knee)
or issue (for example:  my financial challenge)
and the practitioner activates the space
An ASH session often consists of four rounds and lasts 25 minutes (max).

 "A new gentle & easy paradigm for healing work. ASH is a total shift in healing technique. An approach that focuses on the spaces in, through and around a PROBLEM ~ not the problem itself.  It is indirect work that is an actual shortcut to changing and improving things."  Rudy Hunter

ASH calms the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is where the healing takes place.  When we are stuck in fight or flight mode (as our too fast lifestyle seems to warrant) the physical body cannot heal.  After ASH sessions folks feel lighter and issues just seem to disappear!

What might this energy process do for me?
* Release dense and unwanted emotions which stand in your way of moving forward
* Physical trauma, injuries and ailments: Quicker healing time = physical wellness
* Anxiety/Nerviousness:  Bring calm = emotional wellness
* Restlessness: Bring comfort and peace = mental and emotional wellness
* Pre-surgery: Help boost your immune system = mental and physical wellness
* Post surgery: Quicker healing time = physical wellness
* Emotional issues (old and current): Helps you move past old and current memories = mental and emotional wellness
* Insecurity: Helps you to feel safe = mental wellness

•  What might I notice?
After a treatment you may notice you feel more expansive, calmer, more peaceful, have better sleep patterns, balanced appetite, heal quicker, more alert, more balanced, centered and/or feel like your old self again.
During a treatment, as you relax into the flow of the healing energy you may yawn, feel relaxed, may notice tingling or temperature changes and/or energy shifts.  Everyone is different and unique in the manner they accept this energy.  This energy will continue to work for several days to bring about healing in whatever manner is most needed for you.  

DISCLAIMER:  The information on this website is for educational information only.  No parts are to be taken as medical/diagnosis or prescription for any illness.  "Healing" means you are aware that the body has the wisdom to heal itself.  I assist with energetic imbalances in the energy field that assist the body to utilize its innate healing ability. 
See your healthcare provider for your personal healthcare needs.



Ladies and Gentlemen,

There’s been so much going on

in the world these last few months

with the onset of the

COVID-19 pandemic. 

With more than half of the planet

in lockdown, all of us

have been experiencing

extreme mood swings, mixed

with the fear of what the future holds

and if we’ll survive.


For some it’s also been a time

of reconnecting with family,

catching up on long "to do" lists

and finally getting much needed rest.


This unexpected time of introspection

on a collective level has brought

many feelings to the surface.


This Saturday I am continuing

my group energetic therapy event,

Let’s Shift, to talk about all of the

many shifts that are going on

internally for everyone.



I’ll be offering many tools

to get you through the days and

I’ll be using many techniques

to create greater ease in your world.



So from the comfort of your living room

please join me for some relief

from your confused thoughts

and overbearing fears.



This is a time to lighten the load,

to let go of bearing the weight of

confusion and worry.


Let’s Shift…..Together

May 16, 2020

2 PM to 3 PM

on the live Zoom call.

Only $20


Happy happy foot!!! Huge gratitude.

Can't wait to experience more of that ASH work. Totally rad.

Brenda St.Louis

"It's incredible how the pain in my back was almost gone in 15 minutes and completely gone by morning!!! You are an amazing healer. Thank you Karen!" -

Margaret Bradshaw

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